Pro-Active Senior Care is a combination of occupational therapy and support worker home care service. Specialized in elder assistance.

To Retain Independence Of Those We Serve

In Pro-Active Senior Care, we combined Occupational Therapy and Care Support Workers service, we believe people should have a chance to stay at home where they feel most comfortable and familiar when getting old. 

We understand the challenges between getting old and staying at home independently and safely, things are getting harder even as simple as showering and toileting.

Pro-Active Senior Care started by an experienced Occupational Therapist who has seen all these issues and trying to create a unique process of providing a special home to our elders at home.

Unlike other organizations, our Occupational Therapist will do the first-time obligation free home visit to commence initial assessment to discriminate if a carer or a piece of adoptive equipment needed . If issues can be sorted by only changing some home layouts or simple equipment, then the problem sorted quick and easy, no charge or other service needed. If there is a need of carers, we have experienced and certified caers ready to go.  

We have carers and Occupational Therapist working closely to provide the level of service you need.


Ring or send us a form to organize a home visit with our professional Occupational Therapist.

Reach the agreement of how we can assist you to stay at home independently and safely.

Care plan will be developed, regular review will be commenced, we work together to provide the level of assistance you need.

We are NOT the usual home care provider

At Pro-Active Senior Care, we are not an ordinary home care provider as you usually see.

Our service process is so creative yet simple allows you to retain independence just as our motto says.

Thanks to our experienced Occupational Therapist, we have created a unique process  assist our elders to stay at home safely.

Like it or not, everyone needs some assistance  on some level, but that does not mean we are unable to do it, or sometimes we just need the right piece of adoptive equipment or even a new method to do it.

Our Occupational Therapist is specialized in providing the adoptive equipment or a new method to overcome the difficulties. 

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